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United Kingdom
 Bart's Hospital 1988, from Sarah.
 Bart's Hospital 1960s.
Student Nurses 1990s, from Sarah.
Staff Nurse 1960s.
Student Nurse 1972.
The Middlesex Hospital 1980s.
Gibralter 1969.
 Alexandra Hospital, Redditch 2014. From Sarah.
Ward staff 1980s.
Matron 2012, from Sarah.
Staff Nurse, Bart's Hospital 1976.
Student Nurses, 1966.
Midwives, 1988.
Kim Stanley in the 1964 film 'Seance on a Wet Afternoon'.
From the TV series Inspector George Gently.
AmDram, 2014.
From 1970s UK TV series 'General Hospital'.
The Royal London Hospital 1983.
Student Nurses, 1980s.
1960s Staff Nurse.
Student Nurses, 1970s.
Student Nurses 1988, from Sarah.
Student Nurse, 1988.
The Royal London Hospital, 1950s.
Sister and Nurse, 1960s.
LPN 2013.
2014 Graduates.
Student Nurses 1970.
Student Nurse, 1970s.
1960s Student Nurse.
Student Nurse, 1968.
Nurse training, 1970s.
1960s Student Nurses.
Nurse from a 1979 episode of The Rockford Files.
Student Nurses 2014.
Dental staff 2014.
Clinic staff 2012.
Student Nurses 2014.
Student Nurses 2012.
Clinic Staff 2012.
Dental staff 2012.
Dental Hygienists 2014.
Dental Hygienists 2013.
Dental Hygienists 2014.
Hong Kong
Student Nurses 2012.
RNs and Student Nurse.
Student Nurses 2012.
Students and tutor, 2012.
Student Nurses 2012.
HK Students on exchange in a UK hospital, 2010.
Student Nurse 2013.
Student Nurse 2013.
RNs and Students, 2014.
1994 ward staff/
Student Nurses 2014.