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United Kingdom
Poole Hospital, 1970s.
Student Nurse, Westminster Hospital 1977. From Sarah.
Cadet Nurse, 1960s.
Student Nurses, 1970s.
1980s Student Nurse.
Student Nurses, 1996.
The Middlesex Hospital, 1980s.
 Moorhaven Hospital, 1967.
1960s group.
The Cast of TV series 'No Angels' in 1960s uniforms.
Wales, 1978.
Nurse Training, 1964.
Student Nurses, 1970.
Nurses' protest, 1982.
NHS Staff celebrating International Nurses Day 2015.
Student Nurses, 1980.
PMRAFNS Nurse, 1980s.
Student Nurses, 1960s.
1972 group.
RNs 1965.
1960s Student Nurses.
1970s uniform modelled for International Nurses Day 2015.
From TV show "Horror Hotel".
Medical Technician, 2015.
1960s Student Nurses.
1970s Student Nurse.

Dental Hygienists, 2015.
Dental Hygienist Students, 2015.
Dental Staff, 2015.
Eye Clinic Nurses, 2015.
Dental Assistant, 2015.
Dental Clinic Staff, 2014.
Student Nurses, 2013.
Student Nurses, 2012.
Clinic Nurse, 2014.
Hong Kong
Student Nurse from the 2014 drama/documentary series 'More Than Healing'.
RN, 2015.
Enrolled Nurse, 2014.
Enrolled Nurse, 2016.
Student Nurses 2012.
RN, 2008.
Student Nurses, 2014.
Student Nurses, 2012.
Student Nurse, 2015.
1987 group.