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United Kingdom
Staff Nurse, 1966.
Bart's Hospital, 1983.
Staff Nurse,  Poole Hospital 1971.
Staff Nurse, 1978.
1960s State Enrolled Nurses.
Moorfields Eye Hospital, 1990s.
1990s Staff Nurse.
1984 Nursing Set.
Scotland, 1960s.
Senior Nurse, 2012.
1983 Student Nurses.
Student Nurse, 1968.
Pupil Midwife, 1980s.
The London Hospital, 1980s.
Barnes Hospital, Cheadle, 1979.
Staff Nurse, 1978.
Student Nurse, 1960s.
1970 group.
Nurse training, 1960s.
Veterinary Nurses, 2015.
Award winners, 2015.
Wales, 1970s.
Staff Nurse, 2015.
Practice Nurse, 2015.
Practice Nurses, 2015.
1980s Student Nurses.
Ireland, 1970s.
Student Nurses, 1962.
Wales, 1970s.
Pupil Nurses, 1980s.
Enrolled Nurses, 1960s.
1950s Student Nurse.
Enrolled Nurses,1972.
Student Nurse 1964, form Sarah.
Ward Sister, 2015.
Ward Sister, 2016.
Staff Nurse, 2016.
 WestminsterHospital, 1980s.
Guy's Hospital, 1980s.
1980s Student Nurses.
Prize winners, 1960s.