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United Kingdom
Student Nurse, 1958.
Student Nurse, Wales, 1965.
Student Nurse, King's College Hospital, 1984.
State Enrolled Nurse, 1980s.
Student Nurse, 1980s.
 Practice Nurse, 2015.
 Nursery Nurse, 1980.
Midwife, 1984.
 District Nurse, Scotland 1990s.
Student Nurse, 1966.
1980s Nursing class.
Staff Nurse, 1970.
Staff Nurse, 1980s.
 Guy's Hospital, 1987.
Staff Nurse, 2015.
Sister, 2016.
Veterinary Nurse, 2013.
 Community Nurse, 2016.
 Liverpool Royal Infirmary, 1969.
Ward staff, 1980s.
Childrens' Ward, 1969.
 Bart's Hospital, 1984.
Enrolled Nurses, 1960s.
Staff Nurse wearing her Mum's Royal Masonic Hospital uniform for Unternational Nurses Day, 2016.
Manchester Royal Infirmary, 1987.
Student Nurse, 1990.
 Westminster Hospital, 1980s.
Student Nurse, 1992.
Staff Nurse, 2015.
Practice Nurse, 2016.
Staff Nurse, 2016.
Nurse Manager, 2015.
Sister, 1970s.
Sister and Nurses, 1990s.
Sister, 2014.
Student Nurse, 1949.
Staff Nurse, 1960s.
Nurse training, 1960s.
Staff Nurse, 1950s.
Nurse and Sister, 2015.
Staff Nurse, Ireland 1990s.
Guy's Hospital, 1980s.
Ward staff, 2016.
 Charing Cross Hospital. 1990.
Award winners, 1970.
SRN 1967.
Nurses protest, 1980.
Ward staff, 1971.
Scotland 1950s.
Student Nurses, 1986.
Student Nurses, 1950s.
1980 newspaper article.
 Wales 1970s.
Ward staff, 2015.
BUPA Nurse, 1980s.
 Community Nurse, 2016.
Bart's Hospital, 1990.